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#1. Get ALL information:-

  • Vehicle documents

  • Insurance particulars

  • Driver information

  • Witnesses to the accident

  • Tip (Take pictures)

#2. ALWAYS make a formal report to the Police Station

#3. ALWAYS report the accident to your insurance  company. Don’t fall for the classic “let’s not go through the insurance with this one”.

#4. ALWAYS seek immediate medical attention if injured

#5. When seeking to make a claim for personal injury suffered, ALWAYS LAWYER UP! Don’t leave it up to the insurance company to negotiate on your behalf.

#6. ALWAYS act swiftly with claims:

  • There is a 6-year time limit on claims from the date of your injury or loss

  • Memory fades – people forget how the accident happened

  • People move and can’t be found – Including witnesses and the person who caused the accident

  • Medical reports are harder to procure with delay

#7. NEVER sign documents regarding compensation without seeking legal advice

#8. Keep ALL receipts for out of pocket expenses incurred as a result of the accident

#9. Lawyer up! Lawyer up! LAWYER UP! Most personal injury claims are made on a contingency basis. This means that, more often than not, you will not have to pay heavy legal fees up front to seek justice, but instead fees are collected at the end of litigation IF YOUR LAWYER WINS YOUR CASE.

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